Stefan Baack-Understanding journalism without boundaries

Presentation by Stefan Baack, PhD, research and data analyst for the Mozilla Foundation.

The presentation is part of the OsloMet Digital Journalism Focus Seminars, organised by the research group Digital Journalism.


Understanding journalism without boundaries: The interlocking practices between data journalism and civic tech

It is largely acknowledged that the news-making-process is shaped by “networked forces…that span multiple professional identities” (Ananny and Crawford 2015, 192–93). However, research rarely considers the reciprocal relationship between journalists and others: primarily, what is being researched are the effects of ‘outsiders’ on journalists, not whether and how journalists affect those outsiders as well. In this presentation, I will present findings from my research about the entanglements between data journalism and civic tech to argue that we need concepts and metaphors that better grasp journalism as a dynamic set of practices that crosses organizational and institutional boundaries.